freedom’s movement

What is The Freedom’s Movement?  It is a movement of people united together to say, “Enough is Enough.” No longer will we remain silent and let freedom be threatened by terrorist organizations, transnational organized crime syndicates, Communism, tyranny, and more. No longer will we turn a blind eye as injustices continue such as religious persecution, enslavement, human trafficking, and more. We will stand, speak, and act in order to protect freedom and national security.   There are two entities that have remained silent toward injustices and the violation of our freedoms: the Church and the Government. In 2019, 65% of American adults claimed to be Christian. That means 167 million American adults professed Christianity. And yet, there is great silence from the Church we are seeing today, as domestic terrorist organizations impact cities within the United States, religious freedom is under attack in various states, abortion rate has hit an all time high, America is one of the leading nations in human trafficking, and yet…silence. It’s time for an awakening. It’s time for reformation.    

Through The Freedom’s Movement, we target millennials, GenZ, universities, churches, ministries, and other institutions to join us in protecting freedom and national security.  The days of “talking” are over. It’s time for action. Just like Gideon, a small army of 300 men and God on his side, they won the battle against an army of thousands. It may be challenging and unpopular to speak truth and protect freedom, but we are making history. President Ronald Reagan once said, “Evil is powerless if the good are unafraid.”

Are you unafraid? 

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