freedom’s institute

At Freedom’s Fund USA, we have our own internal Think Tank called Freedom’s Institute. Through Freedom’s Institute, we are able to engage, equip, and empower the public by awakening them to key freedom issues that impact our national security. We believe in helping this generation and the next to overcome Group Think and become Ambassadors of Freedom.

Through Freedom’s Institute, we provide knowledge, training, and resources pertaining to the principles of our nation, the Constitution, our liberties, freedom and national security. We aim to bring clarity and speak truth with grit and grace. We conduct research and provide briefings on key issues and threats that impact our national security domestic and abroad. This includes Religious Persecution, Human Trafficking, Extremism, and more. Through collaboration with various partners and Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) we work to advocate and change policy that will protect freedom for generations to come.   

Ways we engage, equip, and empower:

Live event where we bring SMEs to speak and inform the audience of what is occurring in our nation and abroad, and what we can do about it. 

Our podcast where we bring SMEs to be interviewed and discuss key issues that impact our freedom and national security. 

Empowering this generation and the next to be a part of our movement in protecting freedom. If America is no longer free, who will the nations turn to? What happens in America does not only impact us, but impacts the world.

Stay updated on issues, policies, and ways Freedom’s Fund USA is making an impact! 


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