As we conclude this series of articles regarding China’s Influence in America, one issue we cannot ignore is the lack of border security. As Americans, we must realize that border security IS national security.

Did you know that Chinese gangs are working with the Cartel? In November 2020, Fox News reported that according to multiple Mexico-based security and intelligence professionals, the bulk of deadly work is carried out by the “Los Zheng” wing, which is identified as having, “the largest presence in Mexico for the trafficking of fentanyl and methamphetamine.”[1] Los Zheng is a Chinese gang with a strong presence in Mexico, who is working with the Cartel to smuggle drugs into the U.S. The Cartel’s supply chain originates in Wuhan, China, where it can produce chemicals necessary for these drugs in large scales at low cost. The Zhengs operate through shell companies that offer services, clothes, computer systems or clinical laboratories in Mexico. Los Zheng has the collaboration of customs authorities and members of the Sinaloa and Jalisco Nueva Generacion Cartel in Mexico. Once in the United States, the drugs are transported by air or land. Which, by the way, the Jalisco Nueva Generacion Cartel has a presence in Dallas.

Mexican Cartels depend on Chinese counterparts for fentanyl and remain its biggest black market customers. For the past 12 years, Chinese criminal organizations have become the backbone to Drug Cartels and money laundering billons of the Cartel profits in North America and Europe.

Right now, we have a border crisis occurring in our own backyard. From sources of ours at Freedom’s Fund USA, we were told that over 54 different countries have been represented at the border. Majority crossing illegally into the United States are single military aged males (knows as MAMs), that have tried to smuggle and/or traffick children into the U.S. While we have not been able to verify if China is involved, we suspect that China is working with the Cartel to further bring destabilization to the United States and using this weakness in our security as an opportunity for disruption operations. What’s to say that China’s not funding the 300,000+ person caravan headed to our border now? From our sources, we were told that children are being sold for $7k-$10k per head, at wholesale. The Cartel owns and runs the border. You cannot pass or cross the border without paying the Cartel a fee. Thousands of children have been abused and sexually abused in some form on their journey to the U.S. We received knowledge there are children so traumatized to the point they have become speechless and no longer talk.

The current crisis at our border should be deemed unacceptable by all State and Federal leaders. Again, border security IS national security. This is not a Republican issue or a Democrat issue. This is an American issue and ensuring the safety of all Americans, as well as the innocent children who forced into a situation they didn’t ask for, in order to come across our border. To stop drug and human trafficking, we must secure our borders and change policy to ensure the safety of all Americans.


[1] Hollie McKay, “Chinese ‘cartels’ quietly operating in Mexico, aiding U.S. drug crisis,” Fox News. (November 12, 2020).









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