Believe it or not Chinese Propaganda has infiltrated our education system, not only in our universities, but K-12. Former Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo and Former Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos, released a letter last fall to schools across the United States, warning them of Chinese propaganda and “Confucius Classrooms.” In their letter, Secretary Pompeo and Secretary DeVos called the Chinese government funded program, “a real and increasing threat to U.S. classrooms.”

According to the Washington Times, China has sent curriculum and Chinese-trained teachers to hundreds of schools in America ranging from K-12th grade. Secretary Pompeo and Secretary DeVos stated: “Confucius Classrooms are in reality an important element of the PRC’s (People’s Republic of China) global influence campaign, now reaching tens of thousands of U.S. schoolchildren every day…” Many American educators are unaware that the Chinese program is linked to Beijing’s Ministry of Education and is part of a carefully crafted influence program designed to hide facts about the CCP’s abuses, according to U.S. officials. Many Chinese immigrants fled to the U.S. to seek refuge and freedom from the CCP. And to think that CCP propaganda is in various schools throughout the United States.

According to Sharyl Attkisson, a well-known journalist, revealed a China-backed program called the Confucius Institute which is happening at American schools. China’s Education Ministry said that the Confucius Institute “aims to protect Chinese language and culture in foreign countries.” The Chinese Education Ministry, generally provides funding for the materials and staff at these institutes. Since 2006, the Chinese government has spent more than $158 million on schools in the U.S., mainly at universities, colleges, and a few high schools.[1] The universities do not hire the institute’s instructors, the CCP does.

Do you know that universities in Texas received funds from China? In 2018, two Texas Congressmen, Republican Michael McCaul and Democrat Henry Cuellar, sent letters to the Administration of Texas A&M, Prairie View A&M University, University of Texas at Dallas, University of Texas at San Antonio, and Texas Southern University, that host the Confucius Institutes on their campus. Texas A&M immediately terminated the contracts and closed the institutes. Prairie View A&M University did the same.[2] University of Texas at San Antonio, University of Texas at Dallas enhanced their Asian studies instead. It’s not clear if they shut down the institutes or not.



[2] NAS









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